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In December 2000, Tofa Enterprise started its voyage at Chittagong. Tofa Enterprise embraces the spirit of local trade. The company is dedicated to excellence in product development, production, and logistics. We have earned a reputation throughout the local apparel industry as one of the foremost factories in Bangladesh for our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and total value. Through our extensive sourcing network, we have the ability to effectively procure the best materials. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best quality products and superb service which enable them to successfully compete in the emerging marketplace.

Tofa Enterprise has a wide range of product development capabilities. Our management team has an extensive understanding of the needs of companies in the West as well as production capabilities of firms in the East, making overseas sourcing easier.

Tofa Enterprise focuses entirely on the clothing Industry. We welcome all our prospective customers to visit and evaluate our firsthand factories. Our main products are trousers, shirts, unlined jackets, overall, shorts of all type. Our motto is to attain the highest level of competence through continuous development of the professional management.

We commit ourselves to the vision of conducting our business in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Our overall vision and aim is to find the way of successfully balancing our economic activities with the necessary care for our natural environment as well as for human beings that are involved or affected by these economic activities. We therefore submit ourselves and our business partners in addition to the standards we set for quality, business transactions and the protection of the environment, to the following social standards and requirements. Tofa Enterprise deals with local market & also reputed for intuitive designs which attracts a lot of foreign clients to shop from Tofa enterprise outlet. The people of Middle east are quite attracted by the quality design & fabrics of Tofa enterprise.

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